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Sympathetic Divorce Attorney in Angola, IN

Although around half of marriages end in divorce, everybody hopes that theirs will be one of the marriages that succeed. Sadly, life events or simply the passage of time can cause a marriage to fail, leading one or both parties to seek legal advice in order to instigate divorce proceedings. If your spouse has already filed for divorce, or you're considering ending the marriage, picking an experienced divorce law firm is essential. We are a well-known, local legal practice that can provide skilled divorce lawyers dedicated to helping you get the outcome you want.


Divorce Solicitors That Get Results


Rather than focus on a protracted, costly legal battle, when it comes to divorce our aim is to ensure that our client gets the outcomes they want quickly and as amicably as possible. We understand that inevitably divorces are emotional matters, with both parties potentially experiencing guilt, anger, betrayal and other strong feelings. Our aim is to work sympathetically with our clients, giving them the support they need to get through the process as comfortable as possible. By focusing on mediation and on reaching early agreement on as many key issues as possible, we are committed to achieving successful divorce proceedings with minimal emotional and financial cost.


Family and Divorce Lawyer with Experience in Child Custody Matters


Whether it's agreeing on alimony, deciding on access or contesting current custody arrangements, matters relating to the children involved in a divorce can be complex. Frequently, custody disputes can drag on for years, causing everyone involved considerable distress. We try to work with clients in order to find workable solutions to common custody issues, helping to lay firm foundations for arrangements that work in favor of both child and parent.


Family Law Divorce Attorney Located in Angola


Conveniently situated for clients that live or work in Angola, IN, we provide a caring, supportive legal service for anyone involved in, or contemplating, divorce proceedings. If you want the reassurance that a legal professional with significant experience in divorce matters is fighting your corner, call us at (260) 665-5507 to arrange an appointment.


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